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Challenge 010: Icon Marathon
Your Mission:
Icon Marathon!

Deadline: May 20th, 2011: 1pm cdt/6pm gmt COUNTDOWN CLOCK 

  • someone makes an entry at your team's community and they post a screencap from SPN, the next person posts a comment saying "Claimed!" and then has to create an icon from that screencap and post a screencap of their own and so on
  • you cannot post twice in a row

    How to Submit:
  • When the challenge ends, the post at your team comm must be unscreened and a link to it submitted in the comments here

    1 point per icon
    150 bonus points to the team with the most icons
    300 bonus points to the team with the highest rate of participation (which will be determined as a ratio of number of participants to members in the team)
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New Challenge - Collaboration (team writing)

A new challenge has been issued over at spnland_media !  Collaboration (team writing)!  

Challenge 004: Collaboration (team writing)

Name of Contest: Collaboration

Type of Challenge: Team Challenge: Writing

Due Date and Time: Tuesday, March 22, 7PM GMT.

How does this work?
1) You will be creating a story with your team.
2) You'll be given a prompt at the end of the post. The story your team comes up with must follow from the prompt.
3) Someone on your team will post the prompt in an entry to your comm.
4) Someone will comment "Claimed" to the post and then write the first ten to one hundred (10-100) words of a story following that prompt.
5) That person will then reply back to the team post with their addition to the story as well as a word count of what they have written.
6) Someone else will then reply to their comment with "Claimed" and add an additional ten to one hundred words to the story.
7) They will then respond to the team post with their addition and the word count of their addition.

1) You can write as many additions as you like, but you can only write one at a time. You must wait for someone else to write something before you make another addition.
2) The story must directly follow from the prompt, but where your team goes with it is up to you. However, whether that first sentece forms the main plot of the story or is a background feature is totally up to you, the writers.
3) Your addition must make sense. It can't just be a stream of random words. However, it doesn't have to be a complete sentence, thought, or paragraph. "John Winchester sighed and sat wearily down at the dinner table. He'd had another long day getting groped by famous movie stars. Still, maybe Castiel would make it better by" is completely acceptable. "Sam flannel Viagra Ghostfacers neiner neiner pumpkin eater socialism" is not.
4) The team posts will be made public after the challenge is over.
5) The story must be gen and pg-13 (or lower). We know the rules of the comm state that any pairing is allowable, but for team challenges, we want to make sure the entire team is comfortable participating. And that means no pairings and no hardcore squicks. The definition of a pg-13 can be found here. (We'll be lenient on the swearing.) Acknowledgment of canon pairings (eg Sam/Jess, Dean/Lisa, John/Mary), however, is acceptable so long as the pairing does not become a major point of the fic.
6) You do not actually have to finish the story. While a complete story would be neat, we don't expect you to come up with a complete work of fanfiction in three days.

Further Questions! To the comment thread in the post

+ Each addition will be worth 5 points
+ The team with the highest word count wins 150 points
+ The team which has the highest rate of participation (which will be determined as a ratio of number of participants to members in a team) will earn a bonus 300 points
+ NOTE: These two teams may be the same, but they may not be. If Uriel and Anna of Team Heaven write 12,000 words each, and if Bobby, Rufus, and Ellen write 3,000 words each, then Team Heaven would earn the Highest Word Count points, and Team Hunter the Best Participation points. However, if Meg, Ruby, Azazel, and Lilith wrote 9,000 words each, Team Hell would get both Best Participation and Highest Word Count Points.

Your Prompt!

Dean loaded the shotgun hurriedly, calling for Sam as he did so.

Everyone who participates by contributing to the challenge will automatically earn a shout out point, no 'shout out' necessary Let's do this, guys!

Thanks to the following members for participating!  


Okay, that's it for this challenge!  Thanks to everyone who participated!  

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Update: Team writing challenge

Henriksen goes to Chicago to investigate a series of bloody murders he thinks might be related to the Winchesters. Turns out, he's not the only one investigating.

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So far (3:30 GMT) we have 2157 words. There have been 23 additions to the story by 7 angels. That means the participation rate is 15,56% and that the average word count of an addition is 94 words.

We still have 2 hours to go - you only need to come in and write one sentence.....

Participation is worth 300 points!!!!!
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Icon tag Icons

Here are the icons that we've created so far in the challenge.

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So far we've had 13 angels out of 47 participate (familiardevil and coyotesuspect don't count) which is 27,66% participation rate.
We have 163 icons so far which is 3,47 icons per angel in Team Heaven or 12,53 icons per participant.
And we've had 54 characters show up. Sam is most popular with 29 appearances and Dean has appeared 25 times.

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Team Heaven FTW!

There are many and glorious reasons why Team Heaven is the place you want to be. I fear I cannot list them all for, awesome as they are, seeing that much amazingness in one post would cause your eyes to burn out.

But here are some of the more important reasons, and I'm sure my fellow angels will list more in the comments

1. We have a team mascot. He's a bacon angel. How can you possibly not want to be a team that has a bacon angel?

We sizzle. Oh, yes.

2. We have weekly episode discussions so you can answer important questions such as 'Who looks better in a tux: Sam or Dean?'

3. We are very creative. On the last group challenge we created this beautiful art

4. We have Castiel who is both adorable and a BAMF

5. Which means by default we also have Misha Collins. Seriously, how can you not want to be on a team sponsored by the guy who keeps us amused with Twitter

Who, by the way, recently confessed that he actually IS an angel of the lord

What more do you need really?

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Make a Vessel final post

Well People of the Lord/Angels/Prophets/Castiel and Gabriel's playthings

This is the final Make a Vessel post.

We've had 14 angels/prophets/playthings participating out of a total of 49, which is 28,57% participation rate.

We've made 118 changes to Casifer who now looks like this:

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New Team Challenge: Make a Vessel

Name of Contest: Make a Vessel

Type of Challenge: Team Challenge: Graphics

Due Date and Time: Saturday, June 12th, 2:00 pm GMT. Fabulously helpful timezone converter here.

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Message from Team God:
HAVE FUN GUYS! This is the last media challenge for the apocalypse so kick it in the ass!

List of alterations:
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